Coznection Inc. is an international consulting firm that focuses on making mutually beneficial connections between brands, businesses and industries to create endless opportunities. Coznection has two decades of experience in the Entertainment industry, lead by a team of global connectors & brand strategists to assist you in differentiating your company’s products, services & vision from all competitors.

With a plethora of resources in the fields of entertainment, media, and marketing; Coznection Inc. is ready to help you transcend your brand value while providing Entertainment relationship management and business solutions throughout the industry. No matter what stage of development, Coznection is ready to take your organization to the next level.



Based in New York and Los Angeles of America and supported by a team with powerful global reach qualifies Coznection as the major link in the entertainment industry destined to unite countries and cultures of the world. Coznection inspires events like “House of Exile: New York” which brought talent from the US and Japan together on one night, in one location, sharing appreciation for music, dance, and entertainment. Powered by parent company, Cozi Music, consulting with Coznection is the glue that could set you on the path you’ve been visualizing.