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Donald Glover’s ‘This Is America’ Is a Nightmare We Can’t Afford to Look Away From

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The writer-actor-musician’s new video as Childish Gambino is a vivid illustration of the Faustian bargain facing black America.   Donald Glover may be done making things for you to enjoy.

Met Gala 2018: let us give thanks for the best dress code of all time

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It took curator Andrew Bolton several years to convince the Vatican to give its blessing to Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, the blockbuster show at the Metropolitan Museum in New York

The Real Lesson of Kanye West’s Take on Slavery, According to an Expert

Kanye West’s increasingly political presence on Twitter has left historians and political scientists to set the record straight on several recent occasions. And while experts gave him partial credit for his tweets about

From street kid to Pulitzer: why Kendrick Lamar deserves the prize

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The first Pulitzer prize for music went, in 1943, to William Schuman’s Secular Cantata No 2. It took 54 years before the judges recognised music beyond the European classical tradition, making

Time’s 2018 Most Influential People list has record number of women, people under 40

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Time magazine unveiled its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world Thursday, including record numbers of 45 women and 45 people under the age of 40.

Beyoncé makes history with Coachella performance

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(CNN) Beyoncé performed for throngs of screaming fans Saturday night at Coachella after a year’s wait. “Y’all ready Coachella?,” she asked the crowd as she opened her set, becoming the

Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Has Already Gone Gold

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Friday was Cardi Day. Fate, marketing, and the most known/unknown powers of the universe deemed it so. The Bronx rapper’s lively, charismatic debut album Invasion of Privacy is a success

Anne Hathaway Just Preemptively Shut Down Her Future Body Shamers

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By Megan Decker Apr 5, 2018 “It’s not me, it’s you.” In preparation for an upcoming role, Anne Hathaway will be gaining some weight, in doing so, she’s preemptively shutting

Black Tokyo Brunch

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Cassie x King Cozi Black Tokyo Brunch at the Gold Bar in New York. March 25, 2018.

Influencer Marketing: How to Work With Celebrity Endorsers | WMI

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Influencer Marketing: How to Work With Celebrity Endorsers | WMI Andrea Van Dam From Taylor Swift to that great YouTube makeup artist, celebrity influencers seem to be everywhere today. But